Mot de Doyen An

With around 4000 students, the Faculty of Chemistry is one of the large faculties of the University of Science and Technology of Oran Med BOUDIAF.


It covers two fields (S.T and S.M), four sectors (Process Engineering, Industrial Hygiene and Safety, Petrochemical Industries and Chemistry) and 05 specialties in Bachelor’s degree and 9 specialties in Master’s degree. The Faculty of Chemistry also has 7 research laboratories.


Students will gain enormously from taking an interest in the different specialties, which are not only extremely stimulating on an intellectual level but also contribute greatly to the richness of our University, often offering numerous and unexpected opportunities.


The Faculty of Chemistry, aware of the issues and challenges that await it, is working towards promising prospects in order to provide students with training in different technical and technological fields. With a dynamic and very active team, we intend to meet the expectations of the various socio-economic partners and the country’s needs in terms of skills. Our approach is to be part of a sustainable dynamic that allows training and learning to be combined with innovation and development. Therefore, allowing our university to stand out both nationally and internationally.


The activities and commitments of the Faculty of Chemistry are also at the heart of the life of the University. We therefore encourage our students not to behave as simple consumers of knowledge. They must also invest in the life of the University, by participating in councils, such as the Faculty Council, in commissions, in the creation of Faculty scientific clubs, etc.


Finally, I call on all my fellow teachers and teacher-researchers, administrators and technicians to join in this dynamic and students to invest and take initiatives for the acquisition of proven scientific skills for incontestable knowledge . Chemistry studies are not a free pleasure; they require personal effort and significant commitment. But they are also a real pleasure, a moment of demanding happiness, which we will be happy to share with you.