Huawei ICT Academy Program of USTO-MB

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What is Huawei ICT Academy

Huawei ICT Academy is a non-profit partnership program set up between Huawei and USTO-MB. It authorizes global universities and colleges to deliver Huawei Certified ICT courses to students. This program serves as a bridge between enterprises and higher education for building a talent ecosystem for the ICT industry. Huawei ICT Academy has been designed to deliver industry standard training and certification courses that are highly regarded by employers. As such, access to these courses will equip students with the latest ICT knowledge and practical skills, making them more employable and helping to kick start their careers.

How does Huawei ICT Academy work


Provided Courses

How to Apply

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Benefits to Students

What is Huawei Certification

  • Huawei Career Certification is committed to providing a leading talent development system and certification standards, developing new ICT professionals in the digital era, and building a healthy ICT talent ecosystem.
  • Huawei offers three levels of certification:

How to take the Huawei Certification exam

Huawei Innovation Bootcamp

Huawei ICT Job Fair