Sixth International Conference on Electrotechnics ICEL’23

ICEL 2023

Université des Sciences et de la Technologie d’Oran Mohamed-Boudiaf USTOMB

Electrical Department Faculty of Electrical Engineering


Sixth International Conference on Electrotechnics

du Oran, November 14-15, 2023


Honorary Chairman

  • President of USTO – MB: Bouziane Amine HAMMOU

  • Dean of Faculty of Electrical Engineering : Pr. Ghalem BACHIR

President of the Conference: Pr. Ahmed Wahid BELARBI


The Department of Electrotechnics in USTO-MB is pleased to announce the sixth international conference of Electrotechnics (ICEL’23) to be held from November 14th through November 15th, 2023 at USTO-M.B, Oran, Algeria. Scientists, working in academia, governmental or industrial laboratories, are kindly invited to participate with their contributions.

This conference has the following objectives:

  • To bring together researchers active in the field of Electrotechnics to discuss current development, future perspectives and the latest advances in these fast growing fields.
  • To allow specialists to get the opportunity to strengthen their technical expertise by participating in the presentation of the papers and by exchanging ideas and results with colleagues from industry and academia from all around the world.
  • To think over possible relationships for all basic and applied science and technology related to industrial Electrotechnics
  • To bridge out a strategy that will make the University and Industry, two strategic poles for the economic development, as close as possible.
  • Looking forward to meeting you in Oran.

Scientific Committee  :

Dr. Sidi Mohammed REMAOUN President

Dr. N. Adjim, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. M, Aillerie, U-Lorraine, France

Pr. H. Alaa EDDIN, U-Manara, Syria

Pr. A. Allali, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. T. Alili, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. T. Allaoui, UIK-Tiaret, Algeria

Dr. H. Allouache, UHB-Chlef, Algeria

Pr. A. Almaktoof, CPUT, South Africa

Pr. M. Arakan, U-INONU, Malatya, Turkey

Pr. G. Bachir, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. S. Badache, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. S. Basil, U-AH, HOMS, Syria

Pr. H. Batatia, U-HWU, Dubaï

Pr. A.W. Belarbi, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. A. Bendaoud, UDL-Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria

Dr. A. Bendiabdellah, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. M. Bendjebbar, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. F. Bendjebbar, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Y. Benhadda, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. N. Benouzza, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. D. Benyoucef, UHB-Chlef, Algeria

Pr. F. Benzergua, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. E. Berkouk, ENP- El-Harrach, Algeria

Dr. N. Bessous, UEHL-El-Oued, Algeria

Pr. A. Boubaker, ENP, El-Harrach, Algeria

Pr. M.S. Boucherit, ENP, El-Harrach, Algeria

Dr. N. Bouchetata, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. A.H. Boudinar, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. M. Bourahla, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. T. Bouthiba, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. H. Bouzeboudja, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. M. Chebre, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Y. M. Chikouche, UMT-Saida, Algeria

Pr. M. Denai, U-Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Dr. M. Derkaoui, ENSTTIC, Algeria

Dr. M. Ferradj, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. S. Flazi, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. T. Ghennam, ENP, Algeria

Pr. N. Gustave, U-of Jaén, Spain

Pr. H. Hadi, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. M. Haidas, UTM-Béchar, Algeria

Pr. A. Hamid, CU-NB-El Bayad, Algeria

Dr. N. Hammadi, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. K. Hartani, UMT-Saida, Algeria

Pr. M. Helaimi, UHB-Chlef, Algeria

Pr. A. Hennad, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. A. Kaabeche, CDER, Algeria

Dr. N. Kada Belghitri, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. K. Kendouci, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. K. Korhan, U-Gazi, Turkey

Pr. L. Kotni, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. M. Larbi, UIK-Tiaret, Algeria

Pr. M.O. Mahmoudi, ENP, Algeria

Pr. K. Mammar, UTM-Béchar, Algeria

Dr. M. Mankour, UMT-Saida, Algeria

Pr. A. Massoum, UDL-Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria

Pr. F. Maurice, INP-Toulouse, France

Dr. F.Z. Medjaoui, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. M. Messaad, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. A. Mezouar, UMT-Saida, Algeria

Pr. Y. Miloud, UMT-Saida, Algeria

Pr. A. Mimouni, UDL-Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria

Pr. H. Moulai, USTHB, Alger

Dr. B. Naama, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. A. Nasri, UTM-Béchar, Algeria

Pr. K. Negadi, UIK-Tiaret, Algeria

Pr. L. Nezli, ENP, Algeria

Dr. A. Ouali, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. R. Ouiddir, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. A. Ouis, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. S.M. Remaoun, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. M. Rizouga, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. S. Santiago, PU of Catalonia, Spain

Dr. M. Sekour, UMT-Saida, Algeria

Pr. A. Slama, U-Toulous, France

Pr. A. Soualhi, UJM, St-Etienne, France

Pr. P. Spiteri, INP-Toulouse, France

Pr. B. Tabbache, EMP, Algeria

Pr. M. Tadjin, ENP, Algeria

Dr. M. Tahar, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. A. Tahri, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. A. Taieb Brahimi, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. R. Taleb, UIK-Chlef, Algeria

Pr. C. Talhi, CNDS, Toulouse, France

Pr. M.N. Tandjaoui, UTM-Béchar, Algeria

Pr. M. Teguar, ENP, Algeria

Dr. Z..T. Ternifi, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. A. Tilmatine, UDL-Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria

Dr. A. Zaher, U-Tishreen, Latakia, Syria

Pr. M. Zerarka, IRT, Toulouse, France

Pr. M. Zerikat, ENPO-MA, Algeria

Pr. S.E. Zouzou, UMK-Biskra, Algeria

Organizing Committee :


A. Ouali

A. Ouis

H. Benamar

H. Bouchama

B. Ghemri

Y. Ouadah

L. Ghaouti

N.H. Korbaa

W. Rahmouni

M.B. Ghribi

S.A. Mokhtaria


ICEL’23 will be held in Oran El Bahia (en arabe : الباهية وهران), second largest city of Algeria, is a coastal town situated around  420 km to the West of the capital. First pole of Oil and Petrochemical plants, the region of Oran is a home to a cosmopolite population. It is a charming and joyous city with a moderate climate, its history is attached to its harbor, one of the most important in the Mediterranean sea. A city with mild climate, , it offers a variety of recreational opportunities from strolling along the waterfront of ‘Front de mer’, or its numerous golden sand beaches to exploring an old ‘Sid El Houari’ quarter.


English is the main language of the conference; however Arabic contributions can be accepted if a short abstract in English is included. The papers are prepared according to the IEEE – two columns format (doc & PDF) and limited to six pages max. Papers should be submitted on line via E-mail Scientific Committee.


You are welcome to propose one or more papers of a six pages maximum June 30th, 2023 (for Electronic submission, please use doc. or pdf. format). If you prefer a poster session, please mention it in your paper. The scientific committee will announce its decisions before July  30th, 2023.

Accommodation costs

Doctoral student : 10 000 DA

Teacher : 20 000 DA


  • Analysis, Design of Electrical Machines

  • Modeling, Control, and Modeling of Electrical Networks

  • Power Electronics, Control, and Electric Drive

  • High Voltage and Insulation Materials

  • Renewable Energies and their Applications


   Secretary of the Conference ICEL’23

Electrotechnics Department , Faculty of Electrical Engineering

University of Sciences and Technology of Oran – MB

USTO-B.P. 1505, 31000 Oran El M’naouar / ALGERIA

Tel/Fax : +(213) 41 62 71 20

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