University of Oran of Sciences and Technology, Algeria. –USTO-MB

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

International Smart City Conference  ISCC’24

   12-13 November 2024

Oran, Algeria

Organized by

Microsystems and Embedded Systems Laboratory (LMSE) Under the support of the General Research Direction and Scientific Development of Technology


Honorary Chairman

  • Pr. Hamou Ahmed the President of the University of Oran of Sciences and Technology

  • Pr.  GHALEM Bachir, the Dean of the Electrical Engineering Faculty –USTOMB


The organization of the International Smart City Conference (ISCC’24) is motivated by the desire of the public authorities to accelerate the digital transition and improve the quality of services dedicated to citizens, based on digital tools and  emergent technologies.

The main aim of this conference is to provide local authorities with expertise, support and operational solutions for smart cities.

The smart city, based on the IoT, AI and embedded systems,   is a cross-cutting concept that concerns all sectors of the economy and society: energy, health, transport, education, environment, construction, commerce, telecommunications, NTICs, etc.


During this conference, we will focus on the following three tracks:

1-      Smart Energy and Environmental Systems in Urban Environments

2-       e-Health.

3-      Intelligent Transportation Systems ( ITS)

The aim of the conference is to bring together the various stakeholders, from academia, public authorities, businesses and start-ups, to discuss topics relating to the intelligent city, including energy, the environment, health, transport and new information and communication technologies, with the aim of examining current developments, future prospects and formulating, and to encourage the convergence of ideas, expertise and resources to develop innovative solutions in key areas , finally to bringing together all the relevant stakeholders and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration to develop innovative solutions and achieve a truly intelligent city.

Topics of interest :

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Track 1: Smart energy and the environment in urban environments.

– Photovoltaic solar energy,

– Smart energy management in urban environments

– Smart electricity distribution network.

– Converters for urban photovoltaic systems

– Smart integration of fuel cells in energy networks.

– Smart public lighting.

– Smart environmental monitoring (water, air, soil).

– Smart waste management systems.

– Smart management of green spaces.

– Emerging Technologies.

Track 2:  e-Health.

– Biosensors and sensors applied to health

– Telehealth: patient-doctor communication, medical diagnosis, continuous supervision, education and advice.

– Telemedicine: diagnosis, monitoring, applications…..

– Cybersecurity and confidentiality of e-health data.

– M-health:, mobile digital applications. Telecommunication

– AI applied to e-Health

Track 3: Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

– Sensors, detectors, actuators and telecommunications in ITS

– Advanced transport security systems

– Intelligent traffic management

– Vehicle localisation, object tracking and navigation

– Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning for intelligent transport systems (ITS)

– Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

– Automated Driving Systems (ADS)

– Autonomous Connected Vehicles

Organizing Committee :

Chairman : Pr. Mekkakia-Maaza Nasreddine

Pr. Ouslim Mohammed, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Mouhadjer Hassane, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Zerhouni fatima Zohra, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Dahmani Mohamed, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Meche Abdelkrim, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Sahari Mohamed, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Lakhdari Fethi, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Mazouz Nacéra, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Zegrar Mansour, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Djelloul Mazouz Lakhdar, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Benmessaoud Mohammed Tarik, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Zafrane Mohamed Amine, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Brezini Salah Eddine, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Baquhaizel abdullah, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Ais Aziz, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Temmar Ryad, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Mebtouche  Hanane, USTO-MB, Algeria

Mr. Ghrici Yacine, USTO-MB, Algeria

Scientific Committee :

Chairman: Pr.Ouslim Mohamed 

Pr. Mekkakia Maaza Nasreddine, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Berrached Nasreddine, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Boudghene Stambouli Amine, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Midoun Abdelhamid, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Zerhouni Fatima Zohra, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Tokatli Nazlı, ISTUN university , Istanbul ,Turkey

Pr. Altun Halis, ISTUN university , Istanbul ,Turkey

Pr. Zidouri Abdelmalek, KFUPM- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Pr.  Brihoum E. Mohamed, University of Florda- USA

Pr. Laouid Abdelkader, El Oued university -Algeria

Pr. Merah Mostefa, UMAB Mostaganem, Algeria 

Pr. Salah Al-ghamdi, University .of Albaha, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Oudjida  Abdelkrim Kamel, CDTA, Algeria

Pr. Zerikat Mokhtar, ENPO-MA, Oran, Algeria

Pr Bendella Fatima, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Mekkakia Maaza Zoulikha, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Mohamad Khalil, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Pr. Kechar Bouabdellah, Univ Oran 1, Algeria

Pr. Benoudnine Hadjira, Univ. Mostaghanem, Algeria

Dr. Cheriet Mohamed Amine, CDS , Oran, Algeria

Dr. Meddeber Lila, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Draou Azeddine, University of Medina, Saudi Arabia

Pr. Rahmani Bouabdallah, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Zegrar Mansour, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr Bentayeb Samia, Univ. Ain Timouchent, Algeria

Dr. Benmessaoud Mourad, ENPO-MA, Oran, Algeria

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Doranehgard, IJHE,  San Isidro, Peru

Dr. Johnny Nahui-Ortiz IJHE,  San Isidro, Peru

Dr. Aizi Kamel, ENPO-MA, Oran, Algeria

Dr. Benmessaoud Mohammed Tarik, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Dahmani Mohamed,USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Zafrane Mohamed Amine, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Ibrahim Dincer, OTU, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Abdelmoujib Benkada, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Mazouz Nacéra, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Brezini Salah Eddine, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr.  Ali Tahri, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Louy Qoaider, Ger.Jord. University,  Jordan

Dr. Baquhaizel Abdullah, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Zerhouni  M’Hamed  Houari, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Qiang Liao, Univ.S EPE, Chongqing, China

Dr. Della Krachai Mohamed, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Mustafa Acaroğlu, Selçuk University, Konya, Turkey

Dr. Belharazem Adel, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr Haffaf Hafid, Univ Oran 1, Algeria

Pr Bouamrane Karim, Univ Oran 1, Algeria

Dr. Aoued Houari, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Adel Mellit, UM SB,  Jijel, Algeria

Dr. Allali Abdelmadjid, UHB, Chlef, Algeria

Dr. Mustapha Hatti, UDES/CDER , Algeria

Pr. Al Shaqaqi  Belal, Univ. Oran 2, Algeria

Pr. Meche Abdelkrim, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Zigh Ehlem , USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr Lehsaini Mohamed, Univ. Tlemcen, Algeria

Dr. Choucha Chams Eddine,USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Hachemi Mohamed, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Benhadda Yamina, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr. Bakha Yamna, CDTA, Algeria

Pr. Benouzza Noureddine, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr.  Benghanem   Mustapha, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Boudinar Ahmed Hamida, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Sultana Bouzadi, USTO-MB, Algeria

Pr. Bouhamida  Mohamed, USTO-MB, Algeria

Dr Negaz Nabil, USTO-MB, Algeria

Conference Deadlines

Publication of Proceeding

Submission deadline : 15  June 2024

Acceptance notification: 15 August 2024

Camera Ready : 04 October 2024


Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s

Paper Submission

Registration Fee


Authors are requested to submit a paper in English (minimum of 04 pages; maximum of 06 pages in IEEE double column format, doc. or pdf. format). If you prefer a poster session, please mention it in your paper.


Ph.D. Students:  6000 DA

Researchers    :     10000 DA


Ph D. Students must provide an official certificate of their Ph.D. student status at the moment of registration.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the ISCC2024  Secretariat:

ISCC2024, Electronics Département, Electrical Engineering Favulty, USTO MB.

BP1505 El Mnaouer, 31000, Oran , Algeria.